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Service offered by London Sound since 1975


Appointment bookings, charges and contact details are all listed below


Vinyl records are cleaned, (service details below), using a mixture of distilled water and alcohol, which removes grease, hardened sludge and loosens embedded grit. The drying process removes the cleaning liquid along with the contaminants, leaving the record clean and dry.

The machine consists of four sections; liquid applicator, cleaning mechanism, and high performance two piston suction pump. During the process, the turntable revolves and the liquid solvent is applied to the whole playing area of the record. Being well lubricated with the liquid, pressure and "scrubbing action" may be applied to the cleaning brush without fear of damage to the subtle high frequency modulations.


Above is pictured the actual machine used at London Sound.

Having thus wetted the record, dissolved the grease and loosened any embedded material, the suction arm is simply moved to the centre of the record. Its own suction holds it to the surface and the tracking motor moves it outwards across the playing area of the record. As it passes over the surface, the suction removes the liquid, along with the dissolved or suspended dirt. This leaves the record dry, clean, and free from contamination.

The record is then placed in a new inner sleeve, the cost of which is included in the cleaning price, (12" records only - please bring your own sleeves for other sizes).

The whole process can be completed in about five minutes per record, (both sides).


The results are spectacular, with some London Sound customers having been customers for this service since the 1970s!



The charge for cleaning 12" lp.s is 2.00. per record self service, and 5.00. per record serviced, ("self service" = you operate the machine, "serviced" means we operate it for you - in practise, most customers pay £5.00. to see us clean one record - to see how it is done, then do the rest themselves at £2.00. per record).


Record cleaning is strictly by appointment only, with a maximum of 12 records in any one session, (which takes approximately one hour). Other record sizes are the same price, but a replacement sleeve is not included.

The charge for mail order is £6.00. per record, plus £25.00. packing and carriage, (UK only), minimum order fifty records. Before sending, please telephone for packing advice.

Remember the saving if you call into the shop - so if possible, come here to clean your records.

For appointments for record cleaning please ring 020 8868 9222 during our normal opening hours, (select 1 with your telephone keypad on each of the two messages to reach Mike Solomons' telephone extension), or

email:- Mike@londonsound.org

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