London Sound is a single outlet specialist audio and hi-fi repair business, started in 1967 under another name with the name London Sound officially registered on December 19th 1969 by Mike Solomons.

The name London Sound is our Trade Mark, is fully registered with effect from December 1969, is copyright and is our sole trading name. If you find others using this name, our advice is to avoid them!  Every now and then businesses start up using our name, but at the time of writing, none have permission from us.

London Sound is owned and operated by Mike Solomons who has nearly 50 years professional experience in the repair of audio and hi-fi equipment.

All repairs carried out by London Sound carry a full written twelve month guarantee which includes the labour, as well as the parts fitted and any other faults that may develop on comparable conditions to the guarantee on brand new equipment. All repaired mains powered equipment is tested for electrical safety.

We now accept payment in Euros at an advantageous rate, latest rates on application.

All repair estimates are free. It is usually possible for a provisional free estimate to be given by telephone or email.

We also offer record cleaning on the Keith Monks Audio Limited, (KMAL), record cleaning machine, (by appointment only).

The postal address for London Sound is as follows:-



389 (B) Alexandra Avenue







When writing, please ensure that the "B" is in brackets, as above - it helps to avoid the mail going astray.

Visitors please note - the shop is about 300 yards south of Rayners Lane underground station, (Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines), opposite Tesco.  Car drivers please note that there is a further branch of Tesco about half a mile south of the shop that also sells petrol - London Sound is opposite the Tesco that does not sell petrol.



For technical help and advice, please email Mike Solomons at or


We now have an Orchid based telephone system.  When you ring you will hear a message with a menu.  Please select the most appropriate option and then please wait. Shortly afterwards you will hear a second menu.  Again select the most appropriate option. This service is now 24 hours 7 days a week with helpful recorded messages when it is not possible for us to give a personal answer to your query.  Please be ready to take notes in case you are advised to 'phone another number etc.

For all repair and record cleaning enquiries please select 1 on hearing the first message to select the "service" menu. On hearing the second message you will hear three service options. For the repair of certain vintage brands as listed and all equipment made before 1970 select 1.  Also select 1 for KMAL record cleaning.  For all other items select 2 or 3 depending on the nature of your enquiry.  In all cases hold the button on your 'phone down for at least a second as occasionally the "system" fails to respond if the bleep is too short.  All extensions have answering machines that give, (but do not record), messages when there is no one here to take your call.

The shop is normally open Monday to Friday 10.00. am. to 5.00. pm, (excluding early closing on Wednesdays - when we close at 1pm) but can often take telephone calls from 8.00. am.  We do not open on public holidays.  We do not close for lunch.  Please note that although we can often take early 'phone calls, the shop door is not usually opened until 10 am.



The main email addresses are:-




Emails are usually checked many times in the working day. We are often able to respond to emails even during holidays.

Remember, emails are completely free!



We can often see visitors by appointment from 8.00. am, but do not stay later than the published times. For an 'out of hours' appointment, telephone shortly beforehand.  We never open at weekends.



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