If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Question:- When should we mend something? Answer:- When it's broken - except it's not quite that simple!


There are three kinds of fault:-


1) The obvious that interferes with full operation.


2) The concealed that interferes with full operation.


3) Faults that do not justify the expense of repair.



1)  The obvious fault

There is little that needs to be said. This category includes the car with a flat tyre, the television with no picture, the hi-fi with no sound. If reliable repair can be effected at a viable cost, then this is obviously the appropriate action to take.


2)  The concealed fault

This is the justification for routine servicing. Most obvious with cars, as if you ignore routine servicing, then concealed faults have a habit of revealing themselves at the most inconvenient time! With hi-fi, it's different, (naturally!). The deterioration that occurs over the passage of time provides a very gradual slide. Often, the owner does not realise that deterioration has occurred at all, and simply believes that newer equipment is better than the earlier designs, (sometimes true, but often not so). This mistake can be very costly!


3)  The fault that is not worth repairing

These faults fit into two categories:-

1) Unimportant faults. For example, failure of a feature never used, or external marks on the equipment, (unless serious).

2) The major fault that will cost too much to repair.



Your equipment should be checked at sensible intervals. Seek advice from the experts. Cars have service intervals measured usually in miles; hi-fi should be checked and serviced at 5 to 10 year intervals, (the period varies for different units, and differing use).

For further advice, visit our repairs page, or for full contact advice, see Basic Information. Alternatively, look around the rest of the website, using the links below.

For further help, contact details are below:-



For technical help and advice, please ring Mike Solomons on  020 8868 9222.

The shop telephone line is normally open Monday to Friday 8.00. am. to 5.00. pm, (excluding early closing on Wednesdays - when we close at 1pm).  We do not close for lunch. Please note that the shop door is not usually opened until 10 am.

Email: londonsound@msn.com
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