Capital Radio using the name "London Sound" - without permission from London Sound, (name registered in 1969).


Can you help?


This is a very unfair tale of our friend, Capital Radio, behaving in an uncharacteristic manner, harassing me by creating a situation whereby members of the public waste their money telephoning my business, London Sound, causing them and me to be inconvenienced.

If you agree that this is unfair, please read on.

If you think it an unfair complaint by me, if you think Capital Radio is entitled to use my established trading name in this way, (I personally registered it in 1969), then ignore me - and accept my apologies, (how's that for sitting on both sides of the fence at once?).

MESSAGE TO CAPITAL RADIO:-  I found you telephoning me repeatedly, and using the name of my business in a way that causes me harm to be Harassment in a legal sense. Harassment is both a criminal offence, and can give rise to civil action.  

Please take notice.




In September 2010, Capital Radio is to "go national" according to the BBC News.  This suggests that they have some money behind them.  I wonder if it will now occur to them to use some of these funds to compensate London Sound for the inconvenience that they caused a few years ago?

We can hope - - -



Now to insert some GOOD NEWS. A quick look at the Capital Radio website today, (November 23rd 2006), suggests they've given up!!!!!   The page that used to show details of their London Sound competition seems to have been deleted - it may therefore be that I have won!  I hope so!  If anyone knows the current position, I would be very grateful for further information.


Meanwhile, read on - the following, starting with the most recent news, charts the history of this unpleasant matter:-


New development! After the incident in March 2006 described below, I wrote to Capital Radio, demanding that they cease harassing me in this way.   

I have received a reply, denying that the telephone calls were made!   

As I can prove that I received four telephone calls from Capital Radio in quick succession beyond reasonable doubt, I have written again.   With irrefutable evidence in my hands, (I took photographs of my caller display unit showing the date, time and number used by the caller), don't you think they are being very silly?


October 2006 - I have been warned; they may be doing it again, (but didn't - see above)!


After the Easter weekend, (2006), I looked at the gadget that checks on which of our web pages are being looked at, and found that someone or some people have been looking at search engines with every combination of the words London Sound and Capital and Radio, and finding this page, ( I add, this was written two days after Easter Monday, and the number of visitors was still rising!).  

There were actually quite a lot of entries, (even more now!)!   I wonder if the staff at Capital Radio are checking up for themselves!   Could be!   If not, Capital should be worried about how many people now know what they're doing!   

And why you, the public, are so interested.

And that the word is spreading!


                                                                                                                               Mike Solomons at work

(October 2006 update - suddenly I see

further web enquiries - this suggests                                  

that they may be up to something



But then, we know the real London Sound!

We know what the "London Sound" on Capital radio is - it is the sound of Capital Radio making fools of themselves!   Of course I could be wrong - but, so far, every serious attempt by other businesses to use the name of my business, London Sound, has failed - so watch Capital Radio fail as well!   

I am not expecting them to go out of business - but they will have, eventually, to concede that I am right, and that I am entitled to unique rights to the name London Sound for my own hi-fi repairing business.

Unless, of course, they agree to pay either a licence fee, or for total purchase for use of the name!

Suggestions please, how much should I charge Capital Radio for permission to use the name, London Sound, that I registered in 1969?   And how should it be done?   Should it be a monthly licence, or a one off cash payment?   And in either case, should I give them sole rights, or should I retain the right to continue using the name myself?

So far, Capital Radio has made no offer at all - it's not a matter of price with them - they seem to think they can just wear me down, and use my name, paying nothing.

But we know otherwise, don't we!


Interesting, isn't it!


Now read on about the incident that occurred on March 17th, and earlier troubles:-



The March story


A tale of deliberate harrassment that can be proved beyond reasonable doubt!


I received a telephone call today, (Friday, March 17th 2004), from a man asking,

"Is it a stapler?".

Puzzled, I asked what he meant, thinking I had misheard. He repeated the request, and explained further, and I quickly worked out that it appeared he thought he was ringing Capital Radio, who appear to be running their competition using our name again! I explained that he was mistaken.

He rang again. I explained again.

He rang a third time. I was then really annoyed, and told him if he rang again, I would report his call as a nuisance call. Once, maybe twice was a mistake, but by the third time it was definitely a nuisance.

Why was I annoyed? I was busy, and his repeated calls were stopping me from working.

I then received a fourth call. This caller told me that he was calling from Capital Radio. We had a firm discussion, during which I insisted that his company cease harrassing me, especially by using the name of our business without permission.

He rang off.

Why was this interesting?

Judge for yourself. The calls were as below, (as recorded on our B.T. caller line display unit):-

Call one was at     12.11.

Call two was at     12.13.

Call three was at   12.15.

Call four was at    12.19.

All calls were from 020 7766 6001 - which is a telephone line available to staff at Capital Radio.

In other words, I had received three deliberate nuisance calls from Capital Radio this afternoon, (incidentally, blocking the line from potential calls from my customers - just as well that we don't just have one line - see, I'm not that stupid!).

This makes me wonder if the dispute is now heading into a rather ugly new phase, (it is - see above!).

Further down you see the earlier leaflet, to bring new readers up to date.


Want to do something now?   Can you help London Sound?  

Ring a newspaper - suggest they look here!   

It's about time Capital Radio was persuaded they are good, no I think they are great - but don't need to hurt the "small man", (me!), by using the name of my small business without permission.   

They pay spectacular prizes to winners of their game - why don't they want to pay a fair fee for its name, (I give you three guesses!)?

Ok,  Capital Radio,  no one will object if you pay for permission to use the name - but don't just use your power and money to just "steal" it - it isn't fair or right!  

As you continue to use the name without paying for it, I will continue to call you, Capital Radio   




For more detail on the history of London Sound, look at the "London Sound" page


Take a break - look at our home page, to see what London Sound actually does, but don't forget to return - it's a crazy story!


The following leaflet, originally prepared for handing to customers in the London Sound shop draws attention and refers to an astonishing "David and Goliath" dispute between me, Mike Solomons on the one side, and Capital Radio together with The Patent Office, (who seem to be working together on this matter).

Recent developments have been very interesting, including, as shown on our Newsletter page, a remarkable meeting, at which I was shouted at by a Patent Office official, who refused point blank to even agree to start the meeting, (I had taken a day off work to attend at The Patent Office's London address, so was not pleased)! The fact that the official appeared to be in conference with the Capital Radio delegation before and after the meeting was, I thought, most revealing! After the leaflet, further down this page, you can read of the latest developments, which go further than the leaflet, which can now be viewed as a "historical document".


The leaflet (which was prepared long before the above)

You may have heard that Capital Radio, (a London radio station), has been using the name London Sound.

They have done so without my permission, despite being asked not to. They have been informed that I have registered the name 'London Sound' as a registered Business Name, it is copyright, and is an established Trade Mark. They have seen a copy of the Business Names registration certificate dated 1969.

I have told Capital Radio that I own rights to the name 'London Sound', and that they must not use the name without my permission. They refuse to cease use of the name.

To make things worse, they are trying to register the name as their 'Trade Mark' with The Patent Office!

This is a rather odd procedure - The Patent Office apparently have a policy of accepting any such Application, and will grant it, unless the Application is challenged - and demand 200.00. to accept a challenge! It feels like extortion! I've paid, but The Patent Office are being very difficult. I expect them to accept that as I first registered the name in 1969, and have used it ever since, I do have a prior claim!

If you have the time, and would like to help, please ring Ron Marchant, at The Patent Office, tell him how long you've known 'my' London Sound, and ask him to block any attempt by Capital Radio, or anyone else, from registering the name.

His direct line is 01633 814500.

Alternatively you can email him at << >>.

Letters can be sent to him at The Patent Office, Cardiff Road, Newport, NP10 8QQ.

In addition, you can contact Capital Radio. The telephone number is 020 7766 6000. The matter seems currently in the hands of a Mr Cliff Fluet, (Company Secretary).

If you have any other ideas on how to block Capital Radio's attempt to take over control of the name of this business, please either let me know - or if you can actually do something, please do - I would greatly appreciate any help.

Can you help with:-

1) Telephoning or writing to Mr Ron Marchant at The Patent Office, (don't be put off by staff blocking access). So far, he has not been persuaded to throw out the application, for reasons that are unclear, but I cannot give up. What you say is less important than the fact you have telephoned - but if you are especially convincing, I'm sure it will help! Please also let me know what happened!

2) I think Capital Radio will be a harder 'nut to crack' - as the name London Sound is valuable - so I do not think that an appeal to their better nature will suffice on its own! They have to be made to accept that constantly operating in breach of my established Trade Mark and Copyright, simply because I have not sued them, ultimately is a self defeating policy, as it makes them look so foolish!

3) Do you have any contacts elsewhere in broadcasting, the authorities, or the press, who may be able to help? If so, please either contact them for me, or let me know. If you can help in any way, I should greatly appreciate it - thanks.


Since writing the above, I have received a rather oddly worded letter from a normally rather awkward individual at The Patent Office, suggesting that the matter is over, and that I have won. I am currently seeking clarification, and compensation. More details will be added to this page when I get them!

I was wrong!

Unfortunately, I was wrong. But then this is no surprise! The Patent Office now do not answer letters, so the matter has been passed to the Government Ombudsman, as a formal complaint against The Patent Office. It is an astonishing matter - with so many strange issues that it completely defies belief. From the day The Patent Office accepted the application without even looking in their 'phone book, to their incredible behaviour, seeming to look at every way in which they could assist Capital Radio, and trip me up on procedural matters.

Hopefully, when the Ombudsman resolves the issue, compensation will be payable - but I'm not holding my breath!

Meanwhile, any help you can give, especially by seeking to persuade Capital Radio that they really should think up a unique name for themselves and not use mine, would be greatly appreciated.

As before - more news as I get it!

And, particularly, look at the London Sound page