Are you in Harrow, Rayners Lane, Pinner, Eastcote, Ruislip, Northolt or anywhere in NW London within easy reach of a Metropolitan Line or Piccadilly line station?

Work Experience at London Sound


Why take a

Job - Work Experience position

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(Just look Harrow up on a map first, to be sure it's not too far from your home)     If you prefer to 'phone, ring 020 8868 9222 then, on hearing a message select 1 on your 'phone. On hearing the second message, also press 1. That connects you to Mike Solomons, (during shop hours).


A good job, employment, a career, work, all good words for a pastime with a benefit!  

No reference? Not a problem.

No experience? Not a problem.

Other possible difficulties? Try us - we like to say yes!

Read on.

This position may be just the thing for you, or it may not - but it should give you some useful ideas either way.    




Nowhere is perfect for everyone, but this position is ideal for anyone wanting to get a good reference soon, so that they can quickly move on to a well paid "proper job".   





(Picture is of Mike Solomons)            


Are you suitable?

The suitability of the position for you, as well as your suitability for the position has to be considered. We both have to be pleased with the arrangement for it to work. A good understanding of the position on offer should allow you decide on your suitability - and if you persuade me that you are right, you will almost certainly be offered a place, if one is currently available.

The position probably will not suit anyone with recent employment history, as it is unpaid, (although we do pay all reasonable expenses). However, the position is ideal for those who have just left school, and, due to lack of job references or qualifications, are finding employment difficult, or older people who are finding getting a job to be very hard.


The position is therefore best suited to all ages right from 16/17 year old school leavers, to those of any age with special reasons, which I am always prepared to consider, (see notes below), who cannot obtain an "ordinary" job.

What is involved?  What do you get out of it?

(The shop)           


I want to train someone to help me in almost every part of my business. This will include a whole range of different kinds of work, for which you need no previous skills or training. A large part of your time here will involve training in a wide variety of areas, not only so you can give me the help that I need, but also to help you to start your own business, or go for a well paid job when you leave here.


Prejudice concerning male/female, religions age medical problems etc


What about prejudice against religious or ethnic minorities, those over or under qualified, disabled or otherwise, or those with special medical difficulties?

Do I prefer male or female applicants?

The answer is that I welcome all, although curiously, most applicants are female, and from various ethnic minorities, (any ideas why?).  The position also usually attracts teenagers and those in their twenties, but again this is not a requirement - purely a statement of fact!

In the past, before the position became a Work Experience position, I have successfully employed members of a very wide range of ethnic minorities, male and female, sometimes with a wide range of personal problems. It is in fact rare for me to employ people from my own, (minority), background - so all groups are equally placed!  Now that the position is offered as a "work experience" position, the same applies.


Poor command of English


Some have had a poor command of English. I simply teach it! I try hard to find a way to get round medical difficulties, and have, so far, always succeeded!


Religious prejudice


As far as religious prejudice is concerned - the record speaks for itself, with a history here including Atheists and Agnostics, Buddhist, Protestant and Catholic Christians, Hindu, Jews, Muslims - and I look forward to others.

So who am I prejudiced against?

I am only prejudiced against the dishonest, and those who are genuinely unsuitable.

How do you decide on your suitability?

If you are a 16/17 year old school leaver, and have no qualifications, then the position is highly likely to be for you. There are reservations, but you are best placed! If you are older, consider why you cannot get a paid job. If you are simply aiming too high, try a little lower. If, however, you have a special problem - a long record of unemployment, poor command of English, no reference, a medical problem, or some other special difficulty, then come in, and discuss it with me. I then hope to offer you a suitable position.

What are the hours? You are expected to be here from 9.00. am. to 5.00. pm, (though part time will be considered), with an agreed lunch break, (and many other 'coffee breaks' during the day). Your time will be split between training, and work, (though often the two will be joined together - 'training by doing'). Your expenses allowance will be given to you in cash on the Friday of the week attended. Occasionally, a variation on the hours and pay can be negotiated, but there has to be a special reason.

What are the general working conditions?

It is a relaxed environment, with informal conversation, (you call me 'Mike', and certainly not 'Sir'!), and the working temperature is comfortable, (with air conditioning in part of the premises for very hot weather, adequate heating in the winter). You dress to be comfortable, with very few restrictions. The clothing restrictions concern only safety, and avoidance of damage to your clothing.




If you are interested, call in now, literally if you are around the corner, or telephone for an appointment if travelling a distance, to be sure that I can see you.

Do look Harrow up on a map before taking any action - there's no point in applying if your journey will take three hours each way!

I will probably interview you straight away. If we both agree that you are suitable, you will probably start immediately after the interview. The interview is in two stages. Firstly, on the telephone, or if you've just called in, at the counter, I will go over any obvious problems. If all seems well, you come in for us to talk, and go over a list of questions for around an hour, then I will give you my decision. No waiting for a 'phone call, or letter in the post - the decision will almost certainly be immediate.


Who am I? My name is Mike Solomons, I live nearby, and have run this business for many years - and I'd like you to be here! It's now up to you!


Work Experience - extra notes

Work experience is a legal term for unpaid work for the purpose of gaining experience, and as is usual, means more than those words imply!

One unfortunate effect of the minimum wage laws, is that the weakest in society become unemployable, if their work is less valuable than the minimum wage that may be offered legally.

One category of "weakest", is the worker without a reference from a previous job, maybe never having worked, or not having worked for many years.

So how do you get a reference? Get a job. How do you get a job? Show your reference at a job interview. But I haven't got a reference. Well get one, then you can get a job. How do I get a reference if I can't get a job! It goes round and around in circles!

I remember my grandmother telling me that she experienced this difficulty when she was young - it's not a new problem!

However, with Work Experience, you can get a job, unpaid, to earn a reference, (the reference is really part of the "pay!"). It is not legal with work experience for you to be paid below the minimum wage - either it is a "proper job", or completely unpaid. However, I am allowed to reimburse you fully for all expenses - just negotiate the details with me.

Otherwise, a work experience position at London Sound is similar to an Apprenticeship or ordinary trainee job. If you are interested, please get in touch.


Tel 020 8868 9222 then, on hearing a message select 1 on your 'phone. On hearing the second message, also press 1. That connects you to Mike Solomons, (during shop hours).




This picture is the outside of london Sound.         This is of Mike Solomons in the office.

See below for some basic details on the business, and for contact details including a map. To see the map, click on the address.


Basic Information

London Sound is a single outlet specialist audio and hi-fi repair business, first registered in 1969.

London Sound is owned and operated by M S Solomons, who has more than 40 years professional experience of the repair of hi-fi equipment.

All repairs carried out by London Sound carry a full written twelve month guarantee which includes the labour, as well as the parts fitted. All repaired equipment is certified tested for electrical safety. We also carry out electrical safety checks on other equipment by arrangement.

All repair estimates are free. It is often possible for a provisional free estimate to be given by telephone.

We also offer record cleaning on the Keith Monks Audio Limited, (KMAL), record cleaning machine, (by appointment only).

The postal address for London Sound is as follows:-

See London Sound on a map (click the address)
389 (B) Alexandra Avenue

You can easily see Rayners Lane underground station marked on the map (just above the first map shown - use the "navigation" keys) - get to it either on the Metropolitan or Piccadilly lines or by some busses.

When writing, please ensure that the "B" is in brackets, as above - it helps to avoid the mail going astray.

Visitors please note - the shop is about 300 yards south of Rayners Lane underground station, (Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines), opposite Tesco.

The telephone number is:-

(from within the UK) 020 8868 9222 then, on hearing a message select 1 on your 'phone. On hearing the second message, also press 1. That connects you to Mike Solomons, (during shop hours).

The email address is:-

The shop is normally open during the following times, excluding public holidays, (though it is wise to telephone to check if you are coming a long way):-

Monday to Friday 10.00. am. to 5.00. pm excluding Wednesdays when we close at 1pm. We do not close for lunch

We can often see visitors by appointment from 8.00. am, and can sometimes stay a little later than the published times. For an 'out of hours' appointment, telephone shortly beforehand.


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