How do you go about having a Hi Fi CD Player or CD recorder repaired here at London Sound?

And why?

And what about mending, restoration, rebuilds, rebuilding, servicing, renovating overhaul - well, all words that say almost the same - read on, and you will see what we can do for you. And our unique 12 month guarantee is explained, (don't waste time with repairers lacking confidence to guarantee their repairs properly).

Well, actually, we no longer repair CD players, but have found a highly capable repairer who follows our policy of giving free estimates, and twelve month guarantees on all repairs.  Not a guarantee on just the repair, (we've all been caught by such dirty tricks!), the guarantee covers the complete CD player for a full 12 months so is comparable with buying a brand new CD player.

Stephen is the person to contact for all of the widely known brands as well as specialist products like AVI CD players, Audiolab CD players, Quad CD players and many other premium brands.

Don't want to wade thru the lot?  

Email Stephen Horowitz with your queries at:-




Tel        07956 467 184

                    020 8202 8553




Maybe you've been told "parts not available"

If another repairer has told you this, he may be right - but. That BUT is a very big but! For example, if the output transistors of an old amplifier have failed, it is not unusual to find that transistors of that type number are not available, but that other suitable substitutes are currently in stock! It can happen that we are unable to find spares, but then we either modify the equipment to use other parts - or make them!  Unfortunately that does not always apply to CD players; some are genuinely not repairable, but it's certainly worth asking.


The key benefits of repair by Stephen Horowitz:-


High standard of workmanship, (he couldn't give a 12 month guarantee on the whole equipment, rather than the usual "con" of just guaranteeing parts fitted)!

With rare exceptions, all repairs are carried out by Stephen himself, who has many years professional experience.

He gives Free Estimates and sticks to them.


His is not a retail selling operation, (so Stephen will either repair, or make no money - no false advice to buy new!).

All repaired equipment guaranteed 12 months. Clearly, in writing, with no unreasonable exclusion clauses!

He holds a wide range of spares and service manuals.

When spares are not available, he has the required knowledge and data to substitute and repair where practical.


So what comes next?

Email or telephone Stephen for a free estimate. Note, his estimates are completely free, you only pay him if your equipment is repaired in accordance with the estimate.

Free means free!

If such repairs cannot be carried out, then he will charge exactly nothing, even if he has carried out a partial repair then found major further difficulties! The only cost to you is transport.


ALL REPAIR WORK is guaranteed for twelve months. "All" means "all", not just some. Whether old or new, whatever the equipment age, the guarantee on repairs is the same.  How? If the work is done properly, it isn't a problem!

There is only one exception, and that is for repairs carried out free of charge!

Not quite the same as buying new, as you don't have all the shiny new instruction books to read, packaging to dispose of etc! Neither do you have to research, purchase, or learn how the new item works - and find out what to do if it doesn't quite have the same facilities as your old unit!





So why do we give a twelve month guarantee?



Where you get a guarantee on repairs, (some repairers give no written guarantee at all), the "Industry Standard" is usually either one or three months.


It gets worse than that, as most repairers' guarantees are usually very tightly restricted just to the basic repair carried out - so, for example, if a volume control is replaced, but weeks later the amplifier fails again - as long as the volume control itself still is OK, you automatically have to pay again in full for repairs!


Here the repair guarantee is for twelve months. Clear, bold, in writing, and unambiguous. There are no unreasonable exclusion clauses.



So - how much will it cost?









1)   On the 'phone, he can often give a rough guide. It is also possible by email, it just takes longer, as he may ask questions, and have to wait for replies. "Longer" isn't all that long - apart from holidays, he usually replies to emails within 24 hours.

2)   Usually, when you bring the equipment to Stephen, on a brief assessment of the fault while you wait, he will give a free estimate. He will also give you a further much higher figure, to be a 'fixed ceiling', not to be exceeded without your written consent. This procedure is called a Qualified Estimate, and is much safer for you than an ordinary estimate, which can legally be exceeded, sometimes by a large amount!

3)   If you agree the estimate, the goods will be accepted for repair.  Normally, you will soon receive an invoice on completion of repairs, which will not exceed the 'fixed ceiling'.

4)   However, if repairs cannot be completed within the original agreed estimate, a further written estimate or report will be provided. In this case, for your protection, unless a revised estimate is agreed by you in writing, with an advance payment made to prove acceptance, you may collect the unrepaired equipment, with no charge at all to pay.

5)   BY MAIL. He can also carry out repairs by mail. Even then, the estimates are free, but the cost of carriage both ways is your responsibility.











07956 467184




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